It is always important to have reliable information when endeavoring to achieve superior results in anything in life. In the world of Aromatherapy, having a reliable resource for the most current scientific data regarding chemical components increases your success as a blender and your credibility as an authority in the field. Never was this so evident as when I began to teach students at the certification level. Students today are very discerning and this database sets Aromahead up as a leading expert in the field of Aromatherapy. This easy to navigate site is where I go with all my questions and those of my students. Another great feature is Andrea’s dedication to ongoing updates. In a field so rich with current research it is comforting to know that as developments occur this beautiful tool will be updated appropriately. It is well worth the investment, and a great value to any student or professional.
Terese Miller DOM, CA

The component database is outstanding exceeded all expectations! I am so impressed. I find the information useful and essential to the practice of aromatherapy and product formulation. The information is science based, useful and comprehensive. I so appreciate that I can go to one place to find factual science based information.
Lucy Miller

The component database is my first, and preferred, “go to” internet source for timely and accurate information. When I am formulating a product, or just want essential oil chemistry, the first thing I do is check the component database. Often, everything I need to know is there, and I don’t have to spend hours searching other websites, or browsing (often irrelevant, or out of date) printed material.
It is invaluable! Thanks for conceiving of the idea, and the time and effort you put in to execute it!
Nancy Scott

This is an indispensable tool that enables your skills as an aromatherapists to reach new heights! Now I can work from my intuitive mind and couple it with a science-based foundation. This allows me to offer the fullest potential to my clients! Awesome in its scope and impact.
Annette Scott

Access to the Component Database is just
$750 for lifetime access!

This searchable database is invaluable when researching therapeutic properties and medicinal actions of individual essential oil components.

Aromahead Institute